Hygienic hostel accommodation for interstate migrant workers on affordable rental basis
Affordable housing project for unorganised sector workers and low waged workers.
Housing project for Plantation labourers in Kerala within or near Plantations.
To provide quality studio apartment for the working women in Kerala on rental basis.

Click here Invitation Card towards the Inauguration of Bhavanam Project – Own Your Own Housing Scheme for the RPL

Click here Inauguration and Key Handover of 5 Individual Houses by Hon’ble Minister of Labour & Skills, Shri. TP Ramakrishnan under the Bhavanam Project – Own Your Own Housing Scheme at Kuttiyar Valley, Munnar

Click here Meeting with FOKANA at BFK office

Click here Night Shelter in Kerala

Click here Selection & Empanelment of Secretarial Consultant

Click here Inviting Quotation for Panthal Works

Click here Inviting Quotation for Band Set

Click here Inviting Quotation for Designing of Foundation Stone and Printing of Invitation Cards

Click here Inviting Quotation for Supply of Refreshments

Click here Inviting Quotation for Carving Foundation Stones

Click here   Inviting Quotation for Printing Flexes and Making Arch Banners

Click here Selection & Empanelment of Financial Consultant

Click here Selection & Empanelment of Secretarial Consultant